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Collaborated with Bosch and Siemens Hausgeräte, Washit is a sustainable washing machine-shower concept

which changes and improve a daily routine radically.

Team project with; Ahmet Burak Aktas, Berk Ilhan, Burak Soylemez

Heja Can Deniz, Ismail Malçok

Washit is a product that simply combines a small washing machine with a shower cabinet which enables user to wash his/her own clothes with the same water that he/she uses while showering. This concept brings lots of advantages both in domestic life and public spaces such as fitness centers, festivals or airports.

Wash-it was published in March 2013 issue of Fast Company


We conducted some interviews with users and made some user observations in order to define our problem.

We asked them about their daily life problems, their indispensible products that they use everyday. After analyzing the feedback, we started making quick scenarios, focusing on different needs and potential problems and got feedback from participants that we invited to our studio. We exhibited our scenarios at public places like faculty canteen, university cafeteria and cultural center in order to get more feedback.


Thinking shower cabinet and washing machine as one product.

We use 150 liters of water for a 15 minute shower and we use 38 liters of water for washing our clothes in piles, which is really exhausting activity.

The day that our faucet will not flow is very near, if we don’t take appropriate precautions. As a team we observed that we mostly waste water in bathrooms. The amount of the water we use in shower is incredibly huge.







Washit fits life perfectly. It provides a significant water saving without limiting the users’ desire of having a long, calm and relaxing shower. Because the water they use while showering is filtered and stored to be reused for washing the clothes.

Washit improves the life quality of the family members. As all the members wash their own clothing while showering, the burden of washing all family members’ dirty clothes is not on housewives any more. There is no need to wait for a favourite t-shirt or trousers for several days -sometimes a week- because of the regular washing cycle.



The public Washit uses airwash technology to remove bad odor and sweat, which enables the users to quickly refresh their clothes and wear them again after the shower.

For the public places such as gyms, airports and festival areas, Washit has an additional design solution; Public Washit. Due to privacy needs, users take off their clothes and put them in the washing machine from the inside. The public Washit serves as a complete refreshing station.


Washit has a closed plumbing system with 2 water pumps, 3 interchangeable filters (carbon, organic and chemical) , one UV cleaning phase, one heater and a water storage unit.

While the user is having a shower, Washit gathers gray water from shower cabinet, passing it through the filters and the UV unit and sends the water to the storage unit. So all the water in storage is clean and ready to be used again either for showering and washing clothes. Washit refills itself from water main in case of water loss. Led indicators that shows the filter life. Easily replacing dead filters by removing the lid.


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