On the Elasticity

and Subjectivity

of Time

“We live in an attention economy, where products or websites win by getting our time. What starts as a competition for our attention, devolves into a race to the bottom of the brain stem to seduce our deepest instincts. We’re left constantly distracted.”


Tristan Harris


“If tribal humans lived in the “total” time of the rotating Earth, digital humans attempt to live in the “no” time of the computer. We simply can’t succeed at it if we bring our bodies along for the ride. Yet when we try to leave them behind, both nature and time come back to reassert their authority over us.”


Douglas Rushkoff


School of Visual Arts

MFA in Products of Design Program

New York



Allan Chochinov

Andrew Schloss

Abby Covert

I believe our relationship with time has become problematic. The average person spends 5 hours a day on their smart phones. We lose our sense of time when we scroll in the bottomless time-line of Facebook. Because we live in an attention economy where products and websites win by getting our time. We're left constantly distracted. It looks like we no longer get the make decisions on where we spend our time, instead the world dictates what we pay attention to.


This master's thesis explores the perceptions of time, and investigates how we can alter our experiences so that we can have a better quality of time and ultimately a better quality of life.

“We need time and space and silence to remember who we are, who once were, and who we can become. There is a way, and every one of us contains the potential to find it”


Jonathan Harris & Greg Hochmuth


This video doesn't touch to all the important aspects of the thesis due to time limit. Please follow the links below the video for more details.

2016 / NEW YORK


Product Designer



New York / USA

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