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Colloborated with Arçelik ( Turkish home appliences company ), Snow electrical kitchen appliances set aims to bring order to kitchens. It has a multifunctional base which includes both an induction

heater and motor.

Snow is an electrical kitchen appliances set   that brings order to kitchens. It has a multifunctional base which includes both an induction heater and a motor. Chopper, kettle and other  appliances that need a motor or a heater can be used on this base. This set also includes a cordless, chargeable hand blender. It is charged on a wall hanged induction charging bas


Snow is designed to bring order to kitchens

and reduce excessively used components on

small electrical kitchen appliances.



I visited a couple of houses to observe the users while using their small electrical kitchen appliances. I had also experienced different kind of products by myself.

  • When the heavy products is put to cabinets, users feel lazy to take and use them again.
  • Being impractical of food processors leads people buy the products seperately, but that time they buy the same electronic components and motors more than once.

After research I discovered that people gives too much value to electrical kitchen appliances because of the electrical parts and weight of the products. They clean and store the products carefully. So my aim was to break down those perceptions and create a relation like stove-saucepan relation. In other words; to divide electrical parts and non electrical parts from each other clearly.

A Familiar Experience


After building the first storyboards and making user tests, I saw that it was needed to bring motor and heating function together in a multifunctional base for both space saving and creating new functions as soup maker.

 In order to separate electrical and non-electrical parts from each other, induction heating was a good choice and feasible for manufacturing.


I also made observations on each home appliance seperately and came up with unique solutions.


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