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After exploring about 100 ideas and conducting comprehensive research, I came up with a unconventional wet wipe packaging concept; a series of anti-bacterial wet wipes in the shape of a traditional pocket-handkerchief.

I was asked to redesign a wet wipe package. I immediately started to explore personal hygiene in a larger scale; where do we get germs, how do we get sick and how do infectious diseaseas spread? Living in New York City, using subways everyday with ten thousands of people necessitates hadn sanitizing on the go.

Learning from the research, I see great value in the everyday product, and argue that people may be more likely to use antiseptic wipes if they are close at hand. It is much easier to reach the wipes from the chest pocket, pants pocket, or purse strap—than hunting for them buried at the bottom of a bag.

So the embodiment of the pocket square provides both a convenient products as well as a fashion accessory. The wipes are sold in multi-pattern packs, and are “worn” in a stack; when one wipe is removed, it reveals the next wipe with a new pattern and colour scheme. Using different patterns on both sides of packages adds more variety, so that each time a wipe is used, the look of the person changes. In addition, I experimented with different scents, so that users would not only experience a different pattern, but also a different smell each time a package was opened. Unisex, the stylish wipes look great in both shirt pockets as well as pant pockets.

Finally, I envision creating a new platform called PATTERNS™—where global brands beyond H&M can participate and contribute. Inspired by Product (RED), PATTERNS™ is positioned as a non-profit initiative launched by United Nations Foundation and the World Health Organization to fight infectious diseases and hygiene challenges globally.

Participating brands can sell the line of hygiene products—some commercial and some institutional—customizing the products to match the PATTERNS™ movement. Profits are used to fund research, prevention and cures for infectious diseases, from influenza to Ebola.



Envisioned as a collaboration between H&M and the World Health Organization, the work aims to bring awareness and solutions around hygiene and infectious diseases through the ingredients of fashion and media.

H&M Health Lab is a design project created in the 7-week Affirming Artifacts course. The project revolves around a central product—the humble consumer alcohol wipe, and adds a triangle at the top to form a “pocket square,” or

pocket handkerchief.


Product Designer


New York / USA

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Core77 Design Awards, 2016

Student Notable, Furniture & Lighting (Project: Ounce)


Core77 Design Awards, 2015

Student Notable, Interaction Design (Project: Ditto)


Core77 Design Awards, 2015

Student Notable, Social Impact (Project: Spinute)


Republic of Turkey Ministry of Economy, 2014

Full Scholarship Recepient for Graduate School


IMMIB Industrial Design Contest 2014, Turkey

Professional-First Prize


TUBITAK Entrepreneurship and Innovation Award, Turkey

First Prize

TUBITAK : The Scientific and Technological Research

Council of Turkey


Asia Awards: The Student of Asia 2013, Japan



Red dot award: concept 2013, Singapore



International Design Excellence Awards  2013, USA



A' Design Award Winner 2013, Italy



IMMIB Industrial Design Contest 2013, Turkey

Student-First Prize


iF Concept Design Award 2012, Germany