2016 / NEW YORK



Colloborated with OMSIAD, Flora is an internet enabled hot desk system that offers motivating space for visitors and participants to work individually or

in pairs at expo centers, convention centers, airports.

Team project with; Ahmet Burak Aktaş,

Salih Berk İlhan, Merthan Öztürk

Project aim is to design a hot-desk system which provides an effective working space in public spaces.


Colloborated with OMSIAD (Office Furniture Industry and Businessmen Association)


We visited the potential environments to observe the needs for hot-desk. We discovered that there are several main potential environments which could be categorised as four groups.

  • During waiting for transportation or similar task

Since there will be so many different users of a hot desk in a short time, durability should be a primary criteria.


  • During relaxing & enjoying a cup of coffee

Comfort is the key point for the customers of such places


  • Environments for working and studying

In order to support a long and efficient work or study activity, the hot desk should provide ergonomy and motivation.


  • In nature

The hot desk in nature should be resistant to harsh outdoor conditions. It would be surprising to provide internet and electricity access with a hot desk in nature.


A moment of relief...

After research we discovered that waiting in an airport or being in an expo center is really tiring! So we tried to create an ambience that users get motivated and relaxed. This is one of my sketch that reflects the atmosphere that we tried to create.

Triangular work surfaces for more private working area and working in pairs effectively.

The frame shaped structures make the system steady and durable, also separate the each working areas. Triangular work surfaces make working in pairs easy and more effective.


Product Designer



New York / USA

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Core77 Design Awards, 2016

Student Notable, Furniture & Lighting (Project: Ounce)


Core77 Design Awards, 2015

Student Notable, Interaction Design (Project: Ditto)


Core77 Design Awards, 2015

Student Notable, Social Impact (Project: Spinute)


Republic of Turkey Ministry of Economy, 2014

Full Scholarship Recepient for Graduate School


IMMIB Industrial Design Contest 2014, Turkey

Professional-First Prize


TUBITAK Entrepreneurship and Innovation Award, Turkey

First Prize

TUBITAK : The Scientific and Technological Research

Council of Turkey


Asia Awards: The Student of Asia 2013, Japan



Red dot award: concept 2013, Singapore



International Design Excellence Awards  2013, USA



A' Design Award Winner 2013, Italy



IMMIB Industrial Design Contest 2013, Turkey

Student-First Prize


iF Concept Design Award 2012, Germany